GSP group is the leading manufacturer for automotive driveline components for the worldwide aftermarket. The company was established in 1985 and produces drive shafts, constant velocity joint kits, hub assemblies´╝îwheel bearings and rubber-to-metal components.

GSP Products

The product range covers around 95% of vehicles available globally. GSP supplies products into more than 120 countries.

GSP factory in Nanjing

GSP CV Axle Shaft Assemblies

GSP Constant Velocity Shaft Assemblies are manufactured using "high quality" CV Joints, Boots and Axles etc. All components are machined on the latest CNC equipment using top quality materials and coatings which will ensure long life and reliable performance in all conditions. The CV Joint Boots used on the GSP CV Joints are made from quality Neoprene which lasts much longer than the standard rubber boots many other manufacturers use. GSP CV Shafts are tested for shear & load strength and life span and also have a rust preventative coating, they are internationally renowned for performance & reliability.

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GSP Wheel Bearing Hub Unit

The main function of a Wheel Bearing Hub Unit is to bear the weight of a vehicle and provide accurate rotation for power transmission. It is imperative that the best quality materials and strict manufacturing processes are used in production as the Hub Unit is required to bear the axial and radial load of a vehicle.

As vehicle manufacturers specify weight reduction in new model vehicle production and for ease of fitment during vehicle assembly, complete sealed Hub Unit Assemblies have replaced individual components such as loose bearings and seals. Sealed Hub Units are able to function more efficiently with today’s ABS braking systems and are less affected by heat and water ingress than earlier Hub designs which have more moving components. Hub units are also less likely to transmit vibration under braking and through steering due to fine design function tolerances.

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GSP Wheel Bearing Kits

Recently the GSP Automotive group has added Wheel Bearing Kits to their range of products. Even though most modern cars are fitted with sealed Hub units these days there are still a lot of vehicles that have serviceable hubs which contain replaceable bearings, seals and other components. You can now order these GSP Wheel Bearing kits from AADi and offer an even more comprehensive range to your customers and most importantly be assured of top quality and affordability.

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