Commando Super Duty 4WD shock absorbers are manufactured by CN Chuannan Shock Absorbers (CNSA), an original equipment manufacturer established in 1972. High quality components are used with the latest fully quality controlled manufacturing processes. Australia has some of the most extreme driving conditions in the world, Commando Super Duty 4WD Shock Absorbers handle these conditions with ease, using either the “Nitro Gas” or the extra heavy duty “Foam Cell” versions you can rest assured that your 4WD’s suspension will give you first class performance both on and off road.

When you purchase a set of Commando Super Duty 4WD Shock Absorbers you are covered by a 2 year or 40,000km warranty, this warranty is a testament to the quality of CNSA Shock Absorbers and with AADi Australia being an Australian owned company based in Australia, this guarantee is rock solid.

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